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Welcome to our “Frequently Asked Questions” page. Here you will find answers to some very common daycare and grooming questions! If you don’t find your answer here, feel free to email or call us though!


How long will my dog be in the shop?
On the average day, you can expect your dog to be with us for 1 hour to 3 hours. The breed of the dog and the job that is required will determine the amount of time that he/she will be with us.

Why does it take so long to groom my dog?
Each dog is bathed prior to grooming. Then the dog is fluff dried. All matts are split up, brushed and combed out. Then they are styled. There is an entire body to groom, 4 legs, a head a chest a tail, nails to cut, ears to clean, groins to shave. It takes time, skill and patience to do this. Remember when you go to the hairdresser you have only one head and you sit still, dogs do not always sit still. You do not try to bite your hairdresser, you do not lean over the chair and try to smell your neighbour the entire time you are having your hair styled. You don’t have accidents on the floor. It is similar to us going to the salon yourself and having a manicure, pedicure, facial and massage. It takes time.

How often should I have my dog groomed?
In our opinion all dogs should be groomed every 4-6 weeks. After 8 weeks bacteria can start to build up in the hair around the eyes, the bum, the groin and feet. All breeds of dogs require grooming. By having your dog professionally groomed this often you are taking excellent care of the skin, the coat, the nails, the ears and many other grooming requirements.

Why do groomers always shave my dog?
When dogs are matted groomers will generally shave the dog. This is done for the sake of the dog. It is painful and stressing to ask a dog to sit still for a lengthy period of time and have a metal brush repeatedly taken over his skin. It causes brush burn in many cases. In order to save the dog from a very stressful situation groomers will generally shave a dog. Most importantly we try to make the customer fully aware prior to leaving that the dog will be shaved. There are no shocks or upset upon their return when owners have been told that the dog will be shaved. Owners can expect to pay an additional fee for severely matted dogs. It is a painstaking procedure to have done safely and properly. A dog’s skin is thin like tissue paper. When the coat is matted the skin becomes loose and hangs due to the weight of the matting. When passing clippers over the body, the skin will often slip between the blades of the clippers resulting in a terrible cut. Often this will require veterinarian attention as stiches may be required. To avoid any mishaps generally one groomer will hold the dog’s skin tight and another will perform the shave.

What matts…. my dog is not matted?!
As professionals, we have our hands in every different type of dog hair that there is. All day, every day, 6 days a week. For this reason we can see matting from 50 paces. For some unknown reason many many dog owners have absolutely no idea that their dog has any matts what so ever or to the extent of the matts. This is very common. When we separate the top layer of hair that is often brushed and combed out nicely, we then expose the matting underneath. Owners are often completely shocked at what they see before their eyes.

The nails look too long, were they cut?
If a dog’s nails have not been maintained with regular cuts, the “quick” will grow long with the nail. There is a vein just beyond the quick. If the vein is cut then the dog naturally will bleed. Therefore, we can only cut to where that vein is. Again regular visits will ensure that the nails are kept short and manageable.

Can you do my dog’s anal glands?
We will express your dog’s glands externally only if you request it. This is something that must be discussed with your veterinarian first. Feeding a good quality diet with the correct amount of fibre should be sufficient. We believe that it is best to leave Mother Nature to do what her job was intended. Expression of the glands on a regular basis could make the sensitive muscles become weak and dependant on being expressed. This procedure should never be done by inexperienced hands. The area can rupture causing extreme pain and surgery is often required. If this is something that you are concerned about please be sure to have your veterinarian examine your dog first.

The snow has made my dog matted!
Weather conditions do not cause matts in a dog’s coat. Too much coat, a coat not kept clean, not brushed and combed properly is what causes matts. Have your dog groomed regularly and keep him in a length that is manageable for your lifestyle and you will not have a matted dog. Your dog regardless of the breed should visit the groomer every 4 to 6 weeks. After 8 to 10 weeks the coat generally becomes too dirty and matted to maintain.

It’s too cold out we cannot have the dog bathed or groomed in winter?!
Weather conditions and temperature have absolutely nothing to do with grooming. Keeping a thick dirty matted coat on a dog is not healthy. There are many different styles in which too choose from if you are concerned about the dog being too cold. As long as it is properly maintained there is no reason why owners cannot have a beautiful longer style. FYI, the University Of Guelph did a study to determine if a shaved dog was colder than the matted dog. The matted dog was far colder because the cold air was trapped between the blanket of matts and the skin. Therefore keeping him cold 24 hours a day.


Is Daycare worth the money?
In a word – Yes! Having a dog walker or a neighbour come over to your house to let your pup out throughout the day will ensure he gets bathroom breaks, however, for a highly social or adolescent dog 10 to 12 hours home alone every day can be lonely and stressful. The stress of being alone can lead to boredom and often boredom leads to behaviour problems and destructive behaviour. If your dog really enjoys the company of others, daycare is the right choice for him.

Check out the facility!
It is very important that you bring your dog to a clean and well ventilated facility. If it smells like stale urine or like everything is doused in bleach, you should probably bring your dog elsewhere. No one needs to breathe in harsh fumes all day. At Waggin’ Tails, we vacuum, wash and sanitize everything daily.

Look at the play set up.
It is very important that a well run daycare separates dogs by age, size and play style. Not only does this ensure your pup has the best time possible, it also reduces the chance of play induced injuries. We all know that a playful body-slam by a large breed dog could seriously injure a smaller breed dog. At Waggin’ Tails, we take this very seriously and have three separated, fully matted play areas.

While this isn’t a necessity of a daycare facility, it sure is handy! Waggin’ Tails opens at 6:30 am, to ensure you can make it to work on time!

Trained staff and training philosophies.
It is very important that any facility that handles animals has staff trained and knowledgeable in animal behaviour. Training philosophies are also very important. Daycare facilities that follow pack-leader ideology, dominance theories or that use aversive training methods are not current in scientifically proven training techniques. Reward base training or positive reinforcement training is scientifically proven and strengthens the human/canine bond while teaching the dog what we expect from them. The staff at Waggin’ Tails has extensive canine behaviour knowledge and fully supports and promotes positive reinforcement training philosophies. While your dog is in our care, we will only use these training techniques with them.

My puppy is still working on housetraining. Is daycare going to ruin my progress?
Our goal is to not have your dog mess inside, that way his housetraining can continue here. He will be taken to our fenced grass area or walked on leash various times throughout out the day. Of course accidents will happen, but our staff will work with your pup to help them learn they can and will get potty breaks at our facility.

Dogs need nap-time too?
Of course they do! Dogs can get overly aroused and overwhelmed if allowed to play non-stop all day. Waggin’ Tails believes that all dogs need to have a nap-time. We have crates in a quiet room available and x-pens for dogs that are not crate trained. We do not have scheduled quiet times – we let the dogs tell us when they need a break.